I have scratches, poo,  and chew marks all over my Subaru Outback.   It seems that the Doritos scent in my car has made the racoons crazy.

I tried to sweep out any scent in my car.   To no avail.  Next day....chewing got worse.

How I solved the problem:

1.  .5 gallons of river/stream water.

2.  Cayenne pepper, or black pepper.  What ever you have that is spicy, but won't ruin your car paint.

3.  Mix #1 with #2.  Be liberal with #2 even if it means you have bland food later.

4.  Pour contents on your car and all around it.


It seems that racoons can't handle the spice.  I actually believe I heard a racoon sneeze one night.   My car is scratched and damaged... but no longer a buffet for raccoons.

**** Do not try this in Grizzly country.   Pepper is a strong scent and it might attract attention in the back country.

**** I am not certified to give advice on anything back woods.  These are just my experiences in protecting my car.

****It is actually advisable to NOT have a car that smells like Doritos...  For racoons, bears, and the ladies.