So you have your back pack down to 35 pounds for a 10 day trip. 

You will need to catch your own protein if you will last this long.    So here are some tips to eating from the ocean when your freeze dried meals don't cut it.

1.  Find a 9-11 foot long stick that has already fallen to the ground (Please do not cut up the forest.). You can also bring a rod and attach to your back pack like you would your trekking poles.

2.  Hopefully you have some light gauge wire or fishing string.   You should always bring wire or string (that is how you catch squirrels in the really really back country).  Attach 10-15 feet of string, or 6-12 feet of thin wire. The string I use is actually just 20 pound mono.

3.  If you have a hook, great.  If not, use a safety pin from your First aid kit.

4.  If you know how to find worms, do it.   But I prefer bringing artificial worms. They don't stink (attract animals), and they are re-usable.  They cost less than a dollar at walmart.

5.  Go to the coast.  In my case, I was in Big Sur.  Find a coastal area where there are LOTs of rocks you can walk on.  You want to drop your line in the crevices of the rock that have access to some still water.   Fish hide here!  (Everyone else will cast their lines as far as they can.  You just drop your line straight down.)

6.  Jig. Jig. Jig.   If nothing, re-bait, or try the other plastic worm.

7.  Anything from rock fish to ling cod will hit your line.  Bring up the line slowly.  Check the fish for legal limit size, and then club it on the head quickly to minimize the trauma for the fish.  Remember, a fish in trauma tastes you want to cut and clean that fish asap (get rid of the blood).  DO NOT bleed the fish near your camp site!  Once you bleed your fish by the coast, I heavily recommend you MOVE.  Blood is the sexiest attractant in the wild.  YOU CAN not be around this scent.