I am cold and hungry....but not for long.

I am cold and hungry....but not for long.

I have used may stoves in my camping life.   NOTHING meets my requirements like the Giga Snow Peak Stove.  

Here is the low down:

1.  It is light weight.  They actually carry a lighter version, but I recommend this cheaper model as it has 4 prongs for holding up your pot vs 3 prongs on the light weight version.

2.  It is BOMB proof.   I have kept this stove in my pocket, back pack, glove compartment, and laying out in the sun and rain for 3 days.   When I connected it to fuel, bam...it just works.  

3.  The instructions say that you should only use a 5 inch pan... tops.   I used a 8 inch cast iron pan for 2 weeks at base camp.  I made 36 pieces of chicken thigh and 15 grilled fish (for a bunch of hippies I met), and it worked perfectly.

4.   You need to shelter the flame from direct winds (to increase ambient temp).  I just light the stove behind a rock or sit in front of the wind.

5.  You can use any iso-butane blend, but remember, at really cold temperatures, you will have problems even with iso butane.   14 degrees F is what the bottle says...but I have seen degrading performance/life span of the fuel canister in temperatures below 25 F. 

6. From simmer to full blown bunsen burner...this stove is an automatic for any back packer or base camper!


Other notes:

7.  The fuel cells from Giga are about .50 cents more expensive per unit mass.  I have used the MSR and Jetboil fuel blends and they all seem ok.

8.  If you constantly attach and detach the stove, you will lose a bit of fuel in that process.  The seals are sealed per se, but you can't catch all the gas.

9.  Remember to turn the stove valve to OFF before trying to attach to another fuel source.  YOU will lose a lot of fuel if you don't.

10.  Don't leave your stove out in plain view.  People love this stove...it is well known in the woods.